First Visit Report - Talkative photos

Number of Project: 2013-1-TR1-COM06-47982

Coordinating School: Incirliova Anadolu Lisesi - Metin Tağa-Derya Çakır-Kübra Güneşliler-Mustafa Günay

Partner School: SOU LetecHristo Toprakchiev -Tatyana Slavcheva Mladenova Dimitrova-Teodara Dimitrova Taneva Ivanova-Tanya Veselinova Todorova-Vesela Yordanova Mancheva

Gimnazjum nr 13 im Adama Mickiewicza - Aleksandra Zbik- Elzbieta Michalska-Agnieszka Kempa

IES VEGA DEL JARAMA - Israel Prados Benitez-Jose Luis Gomez Gonzalez-Maria Isabel Pescador Albiach-Miguel Mozo Gonzalez

Name of the institution visited: IPSSAR ORIO VERGANI - Location Via Sogari 3, Ferrara - Italy - From 21/10/2013 to 25/10/2013

The decisions we took during our project work 21-25 October 2013 are as follows:


As to project plan , it is necessary to substitute Hungary and France , no longer in the project:

  1. Stage 1 is in charge of Turkey
  2. Stage to is in charge of Bulgaria
  3. Stage 3 is in charge of Italy
  4. Stage 4 is in charge of Bulgaria
  5. Stage 5 is in charge of Turkey
  6. Stage 6 is in charge of Poland
  7. Stage 7 is in charge of Spain

The material produced ( ppts or videos)will be sent to the school in charge of combining it , by the deadline period ).

The country in charge will combine all countries’ products, publishing them on the website and writing a final report


  1. 2nd meeting POLAND 12th-16th May 2014
  2. 3rd meeting SPAIN October 2014 dates are to be arranged in Poland during the second meeting
  3. 4th meeting in BULGARIA 23rd -27th March 2015
  4. 5th meeting and FINALE in TURKEY 1st-5th June 2015

Participant students on outgoing activities will be accommodated in hosting students’ houses, with the exception of Polish students who- due to their own country’s legal regulations on the matter- will be accommodated in the same hostel/hotel as their teachers.

Both hosting families and hosted students will sign a contract ( under construction)of taken responsibility.


Teachers and students are encouraged to post messages , photos regarding the project on the forum at . Preferably using suffixes in usernames for better identification: example:maria itt ( Italian student) or cristinaits ( Italian student)

All partner school will prepare a Blog about their stages.

Project Products during 1st Visit

1) Project Module, carried out enthusiastically by classe 5C,” A Taste of Italy “is a short exhibition consisting in 6 posters, featuring an outline of Italian food culture through photos.

2) Each partner school’s hometowns (ppt presentations)

3) Each partner school ‘s syllabus ( ppt presentations)

4) Each partner country’s educational system ( ppt presentations)

5) Videos about students’ expectations

6) Project logo selection by voting :

After a through analysis of all logos, the one designed by Incirliova Anadolu Lisei was the chosen one to represent the project

Not an easy decision! Thamk you to all the students involved in this activity for their commitment and hard work!!



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