Progetto Bilaterale "Europe on the dish" - Official Programme

18/12 Arrival

19/12  9.00 project meeting at the Secondary school of catering and tourism Maribor.

On the Agenda:

  •           introduction of different (and new) members of Comenius Teams
  •           activity reports
  •           setting cooperating  and communicating strategies during project period
  •           introduction  of  each partner school syllabuses
  •           discussion about appropriate subjects for Clil lessons during outgoing activities
  • 12.00 -  lunch at school
  • 14 -17.00 project meeting
  • On the agenda:
  •           jointly managed web site
  •           competition for a logo: selection and declaring results
  •           dates for project visits
  •           activities and accommodation during project visits
  •           temporary work placement
  • 17.00 guided tour through Maribor at Christmas time and free activities
  • 19 .00. dinner 

20/12  Departure 




Name of Project: Europe on the Dish: a Cultural Meeting in the kitchen

Number of Project: 2013-1-IT2-COM07-52052-1 

Name of  coordinator School:

IIs Vergani Navarra

Name of Partner School:Partecipants to the meeting:

SREDNJA SOLA Za Gostinstvo in Turizem Maribor

Name of the institution /organisation visited:  SREDNJA SOLA Za Gostinstvo in TurizemLocation : Maribor Slovenia

Dates of the visit  :From  18/12/2013  to  20/12/2013

The decisions we took during our project work  are as follows: 

Following  the project plan, in December/January both the Slovenian and Italian schools will write  An Activity report in the local language to be posted on their websites. This report should mention all activities done so far:

Posters, brochures, presentation to school staff, families, students,  media, local community (including  photos when possible); entry questionnaire; skype conference for pen-pal activities( November) ; exchange of Christmas greetings between pen-pals; Skype conference on  Christmas traditions( 18th December) Maribor/Ferrara digital leaflets; logo creation

As to the entry questionnaire: its results will be commented next year, by comparing it with exit questionnaire.(in  March 2015)

Communication between teachers  have been and will be arranged  at least three times  a month for planning, decision making, monitoring and evaluating purposes. Communication  has been and  will  be  via e-mail and –when  possible-via skype;

During outgoing activities the host school will offer Clil lessons on a subject not offered in the guest students’ curriculum. After comparing the two schools’ curriculum, the Comenius team plans for a lesson on “ The Mediterranean Diet” for Slovenian students in Ferrara and a “ Bon Ton “ lesson for Italian students in Maribor

The project website will be a sub-domain of Italian school ‘s website; Vergani  will be administrator and the Slovenian school will  be editor and publisher. 

Creation of a LOGO representing the core of the project : the one made by the coordinating school has been selected as the most representative: Not an easy decision!

Thank you  to all the students involved in this activity for their commitment and hard work!!

Dates for project visits  are as follows:  from 3rd to 13th February 2015 Italy to Slovenia April 2015 Slovenia to Italy (Finale): from 9th to 18th  April 2015 Slovenia to Italy

(Finale): Activities during visits;

Clil lessons;

Basic  local language lessons( held by English teachers );

attending vocational workshops( kitchen/bar/dining room/reception);

attending English Language Lessons ;

Physical EducationGuest ss will take tourist visits  to collect further material( videos, photos, interviews)  for their leaflets on  Maribor for the Italian students  and on  Ferrara for the Slovenian students;Students and teachers  will be accommodated in HostelsThe students   will take part to banqueting activities when/if organizedA Food show with Italian quality products and an Italian  banquet  will be set up in Slovenia;

a Food Show with Slovenian quality products and a Slovenian banquet will be set up in Italy.


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